By Dave Morrison

HICO – Midland Trail golfer Indy Eades recently signed to continue his career on the collegiate golf course at West Virginia Wesleyan last month.

Last fall Eades finished seventh in the Class A state tournament and was named an all-state golfer.

“First off I would like to thank God for blessing me with so many opportunities up until this point in my life,” Eades said at the signing, which was taped and put on the Midland Trail High School Facebook page. “I want to thank my family and my friends who mean the world to me. I want to thank my coaches and everyone who was a part of this process.

“I’d also like to thank all the coaches who took their time to offer and recruit me. With all that being said I’m blessed and more than excited to take my talents to West Virginia Wesleyan College. Let’s Go Bobcats.”

Eades’ coach, and his dad, Jeff Eades shared a story about how his son started golfing during the signing, which was held Dec. 18, 2020 at the school

“When he was about six or seven years old, he was always under my feet when I was trying to work outside and get things done,” he said. “So to try to find something for him to do, to keep him occupied, I said, ‘Here Son, take these golf clubs out in the yard and hit golf balls. And he’s been hitting golf balls and working on his game ever since.

“In fact, it wasn’t too long after that he turned my whole yard into a miniature golf course, , with the flag sticks and the holes for the ball and everything. He just fell in love with the game right from the start. It didn’t take him too long until he was beating me and he beats me every time I take him golfing.”

Eades is also a member of the Midland Trail basketball team, averaging 13.1 points per game.

Indy Eades center, signs to continue his golf career at West Virginia Wesleyan in a ceremony at the school Dec. 18, 2020. Front, left to right, mother Jackie Eades, Indiana Eades, and father and coach Jeff Eades, Standing, l-r, Midland Trail Principal Richard Petitt, Midland Trail Athletic Director Milburn Pack, Midland Trail Assistant Principal Matt Harper and Midland Trail Assistant Coach David Dehart.