Here is the all-Coalfield Conference team, based on voting done by the conference coaches. Oak Hill was voted to be included in the all-conference this season, despite moving to Class AAA due to the type of season it was due to Covid-19. 

Te-amu Shelton, Oak Hill


First team

QB – Jaxon Cogar, Westside

QB – Tyler Meadows, PikeView

WR – Daniel Reed, Westside

WR – Judah Price, Independence

WR – Dylan Blake, PikeView

RB – Te-amu Shelton, Oak Hill

RB – Atticus Goodson, Independence

OL – Scott Wilshire, Oak Hill

Util – Isaac Atkins, Libery

Util – Braden Howell, Liberty

Util – Jadon Hershberger, Shady Spring

RB – Isaiah Valentine, Shady Spring

RB – Caleb Bower, Wyoming East

Mason Houck, Wyoming East

TE – Garrett Kesterson, Nicholas County

TE – JP Girod, Nicholas County

Second team

RB – Blake Goode, Westside

RB – Leonard Farrow, Oak Hill

RB – Ryan Simms, Liberty

WR – Spencer Kenney, Westside

WR – Cyrus Goodson, Independence

WR – Nick Holbert, PikeView

WR – Peyton Greer, PikeView

Util – Braxton Hall, Oak Hill

Util – Logan Doddrill, Liberty

Util – Isaiah Duncan, Independence

G – Noah Hatfield, Shady Spring

G – Matt Allen, Wyoming East

T – Jordan Day, Shady Spring

T – Blake Cook, Wyoming East

OL – Roman Milam, Nicholas County

OL – Bryson Phipps, Nicholas County


First team

DE – Tommy Milam, Westside

CB – Ethan Blackburn, Westside

DB – Eli Selvey, Oak Hill

DB – Atticus Goodson, Independence

DB – Ethan Vargo-Thomas, Oak Hill

LB – Jeff Bowles, Liberty

DB – Shawn Pennington, Liberty

DE – Braxton McKinney, Independence

LB 0 Jordan Harvey, Independence

LB – Nick Holbert, PikeView

DB – Dylan Blake, PikeView

LB – Bryson Pinardo, Shady Spring

DE – Josh Worix, Shady Spring

DT – Josh Reilley, Wyoming East

LB – Chandler Johnson, Wyoming East

LB – Jacob Williams, Nicholas County

DB -Wes Hill, Nicholas County

Second team

DL – Brenton Lovins, Westside

LB – Chase Belcher, Westside

LB – Antwan Pagan, Oak Hill

DL – Bobby Long,Oak Hill

DL – Chris Mickey, Liberty

DL – Colton Williams, Liberty

DL – Brady Grimmett, Independence

LB – Logan Phalin, Independence

LB – Brent Meadows, PikeView

LB – Chase Mounts, PikeView

LB – James Sellards, Shady Spring

LB – Caleb Whittaker, Shady Spring

LB – Chase York, Wyoming East

DT – Charlie Stewart, Wyoming East

DB – Cyrus Goodson, Independence

LB – Kaleb Clark, Nicholas County

DB – Ralph Hambrick, Nicholas County