Here is the Class A All-Coalfield Conference team, based on voting done by the conference coaches.

Cole McClung, Greenbrier West


First team

QB – Caleb Jantuah, Richwood

QB – Dustin Adkins, Meadow Bridge

WR – Ayden Redden, Meadow Bridge

RB – Robert Ruffner, Midland Trail

RB – Aden Isaacs, Midland Trail

QB- Chris Vines, Midland Trail

G-FB – Cole McClung, Greenbrier West

RB – Noah Brown, Greenbrier West

RB – Markis Crawford, Summers County

OL – Jalin Keaton, Summers County

RB – Austin Cooper, River View

OT – Eli Morgan, River View

WR – Josh Proffitt, River View

Second team

FB – Doye Ward, Richwood

OL – Tyler Workman, Richwood

WR – Tyler Martin, Meadow Bridge

OL – Kaidan Conner, Meadow Bridge

OL – Cy Persinger, Midland Trail

WR – Aaron Sisler, Midland trail

OL – Hunter Starkey, Greenbrier West

RB – Levi Weikle, Greenbrier West

RB – Andre Merriam-Harshaw, Summers County

RB – Landon Richmond, Summers County

WR – Daniel Dobbs, River View

Honorable mention

River View – Hunter Ritchie, Andrew Walker, Skyler Payne, Riley Morgan, Cody Vance.

Summers County – Logan Traham, Coen McClaugherty

Greenbrier West – Chase Franklin, Ty Nickell

Midland Trail – Danny Nottingham, Cody Harrell

Meadow Bridge, Rian Cooper, James McClure

Richwood – Tyler Barnhouse, Triston Miller, Camden Lawrence


First Team

DL – Josh Landreth, Richwood

LB – Keaton Crowder, Richwood

LB – Hunter Claypool, Meadow Bridge

DL – Logan Hatfield. Meodow Bridge

LB – Aden Isaacs, Midland Trail

LB – Robert Ruffner, Midland Trail

DL – Dylan Wilson, Midland Trail

DB – Kaiden Pack, Greenbrier West

LB – Zach McClung, Greenbrier West

DB – Keandre Sarver, Summers County

DB – Logan Fox, Summers County

DT – Timothy Crabtree, River View

OLB – Mikey Picklesimer, River View

Util – Brandon Roberts, River View

Second Team

DL – Zack Moose, Richwood

DB – Kaleb Greene, Richwood

LB – Levi Lester, Meadow Bridge

DL – Ty Roles, Meadow Bridge

LB – Liam Gill, Midland Trail

DB – Aiden Simms, Midland Trail

DB – Kyle Holliday, Greenbrier West

DB – Lawson Vaughan, Greenbrier West

DB – Mason Hicks, Summers County

DE – Will Taylor, Summers County

LB – Chase Porter, River View

LB – Wyatt Blankenship, River View

CB – Conner Christian, River View