OAK HILL – Who is a guy that could benefit from Dave Moneypenny and his Wing-T offense taking over in Oak Hill this season?

Look no further than Scott Wilshire.

Moneypenny is a veteran Fayette County coach, who guided Fayetteville to several playoff appearances,including a semi-final appearance and 12-1 record after an undefeated regular season in 2016. Along the way was a 27-20 victory over Wheeling Central, which has since lost just four games to West Virginia teams (two vs. the Linsly,School in Wheeling which doesn’t really count) and won three straight state titles.

Moneypenny’s offense made the most of a light line. Literally.

“As you know, at Fayetteville we usually had a smaller sized line and we generally ran the ball pretty well,” Moneypenny said.

Not that every lineman at Oak Hill, which is heading back to Class AAA this fall, is a miniature. There is junior Logan Whaples, who is 6-foot-5, 280 pounds. 

But the Wing-T is perfect for a line that looks like it got lost in practice and ended up with the skill position guys on the other side of the field.

And Wilshire, well, he was a skill position guy, playing some fullback last year. He did log three carries last season for a total of 15 yards. He also was listed as an offensive lineman on that squad, which finished the season 3-7.

With Moenypenny taking over, Wilshire will see the field more from a lineman’s perspective..

It was the 5-10, 185-pound Wilshire’s work ethic that caught Moneypenny’s eye.

“He’s been great,” Moneypenny said of the senior. “He is the first one here, the last one to leave. He works hard every day. I think he’s going to do big things for us and have a big year.”

Of course it’s not always easy to move from a skill guy to a line guy.

Moneypenny said that’s not the case with Wilshire, who is quickly morphing into a leader of the squad.

“He’s a guy who could take a bite of spinach and you would never know he didn’t like it, even if it didn’t taste good,” Moneypenny said. “He is all about the team.”

With Te’amo Shelton showing promise last season, Oak Hill needs guys to get him into space. Shelton had 763 yards and eight touchdowns last fall, 522 and all eight scores coming in a three-week tear against Wyoming East (172-3), Lincoln (227-3) and PikeView (123-2).

Having guys like Wilshire step up is a huge plus in that direction.