By Dave Morrison

This is the fifth in a series of stories in senior athletes who saw their seasons and final months of school cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Westside’s Hunter Lester was a mainstay on the Renegsdes’ baseball team for the 

his first three seasons.

Here are Lester’s thoughts on his senior season cut short.

“I have three career highlights I would like to mention. One being my entire freshman year, another being the two walkoffs I hit against Tolsia and Liberty, and my last time playing in a Renegades uniform. 

I’ll begin with my freshman year, being my favorite year out of the four. 

“I came up as a young, talented player. I ended up playing quite a bit that season, pinch hitting and having clutch hits late in games. I was a DH, and even started in the outfield late in the season. 

“I also started a few games on the infield. What stood out the most was I impressed, and gained trust in my teammates. 

“The next highlight would be the Tolsia walkoff in 2018 and the Liberty walkoff in 2019. The Tolsia game we were down the most part of the game … until Ben Price hit a 2 or 3 run homer and tied it up. Then I came up in the 7th, down in the count 1-2, they were playing me in because i hadn’t hit very well in that game. 

“The pitch was a change up inside, and I waited on it long enough to hit the ball to deep left and one hop the wall for the game winner. 

“In the Liberty game I came up with the game tied again, and Chris Begley had started off my count. I got ahead early, then they brought in relief as Chris pitched out. I had two strikes and hit a grounder to second which ended up being an error and we scored to win the game. 

“And my last highlight would be the last game I ever played in a Renegades uniform. We were at Wyoming East in sectionals, which was a very good game. i ended up going 2-3 with 2 singles and 6 putouts. 

“This game was arguably the best game i’ve played at westside. I’ve always been told to play every game as if it were my last. I never would’ve thought that game was last. This virus has really taken my senior season away. The one thing that I miss the most was just having fun.”