What if I told you that a team that is not ranked and is currently below .500 could potentially end up as the overall top seed in Class AA Region 3? Ahead of three teams that are ranked in the Top 6?

It almost sounds like an ESPN 30-30.

It isn’t going to be an ESPN special, but it very well could happen for Wyoming East.

In what has been a strange season, the Warriors (currently 9-10) have that staring at them this week, when they hosts Shady Spring Monday and then go to Oak Hill on Tuesday.

Those games are huge were the current seeding of the top four teams consists of writing down the names – Bluefield, Oak Hill, Shady Spring and Wyoming East – putting them in a jar and drawing the names.

You aren’t going to be wrong no matter the order.

Coaches will seed the region voting teams 1 through 9 (you can’t vote for your own team).

You’d think the Wyoming East at Oak Hill game will decided the top seed in Section 1, no matter what happens when the Red Devils travel to Brushfork to take on Bluefield Saturday.

That Section 1 top seed carries with it, on paper, a potentially easier game against the winner of the play-in game (likely Independence at Liberty) though nothing is certain this season, as we have seen.

The other side, where the section is played on the higher seeds home court, seems set with Bluefield beating Shady Spring twice.

However, Shady Spring could end up beating Wyoming East twice, and Wyoming East has a win over Oak Hill (by 20) and Oak Hill (15-4) beat Bluefield  (14-2) which has two wins over Shady Spring (15-3) which … and on and on it goes.

You see the dilemma.

It will change.

It’s already been a fluid situation. At the beginning of the week I had Bluefield No. 1. Entering Friday night I had them 4, following Shady Spring, Wyoming East and Oak Hill. Let’s remember Bluefield beat Woodrow Wilson, a top 10 Class AAA team that has been slicing and dicing through the Class AAA top 10 lately.

My vote obviously doesn’t count, just good fodder for discussion.

Right now you’d have to say Oak Hill, for the weekend, is No. 1 in the Region.

The Red Devils only Region 3 loss was that 20-point debacle against Wyoming East in the BAC. Oak Hill is 8-1 in the region and 5-1 in section play.

So Oak Hill’s path seems clear. Win at home against Wyoming East (easier said then done, before the BAC Oak Hill won three straight by a combined six) and you are likely top seed.

What to do with the rest?

Bluefield is 5-2 in the region, 5-1 in Section 2, Shady Spring is 10-2 in the region, 5-2 in Section 2 and Wyoming East is 5-3 in the region and 5-1 in its section.

If this illustrates one thing it is that if there is not a rule instituted that requires section and region foes to play each other, at least once, there needs to be one.

Yes, I know some teams want to play tougher competition. And I understand sometimes it is wise to take a break to let a simmering climate cool down.

But I think it is just as evident that Wyoming East and Bluefield need to be playing basketball (and Bluefield and Westside as well) and Oak Hill and Shady Spring, once Class AAA sparring partners, need to be playing. If the series was put on hiatus because of racially-motivated tension, I understand that.

They nearly met at the Big Atlantic Classic last week, though that never came to fruition.

Bigger point is, it would be nice to let this play out on the court.

And in the long run it will this week.

And somehow Wyoming East has played itself from 0-4 right into the center of it all.

Be wary though, things in the region will change faster than the weather in West Virginia. Coaches, keep a jar close by just in case.