Iowa State oddly enough looked a lot like Morgantown back in the Big East days Saturday night
The night comes to life Country Roads blasting from the PA, the crowd worked into a frenzy as the West Virginia vanquished another favorite in true Mountaineer fashion.
The only thing missing was a burning couch.
The Mountaineers made their bones with these kinds of victories.
The perpetual underdog and always a great story, even if only for a fleeing moment in the national media.
That was then.
The staunchest WVU supporter would have to admit, the Mountaineers never played well as a prohibitive favorite.
That played out once again Saturday.
Ranked No. 6 in both major polls, the Mountaineers had hopes of getting a shot at the national championship playoffs, longshot though it might be in today’s college football climate.
Rankings are nice but face it, you have to be one of the elite to make that party.
You best come dressed as an SEC elite or be an Ohio State or Clemson. Yes, every now and then an Oklahoma will get a shot but something bazaar has to happen first.
There was statewide hope also that quarterback Will Grier would be the school’s first Heisman Trophy winner.
You don’t need ESPN’s faulty predictor to know those dreams were indelibly dashed Saturday.
Everything vanished in Iowa Stare’s 30-14 victory. Unless something dramatically drastic happens.
Something dramatically drastic isn’t going to happen.
For whatever reason, West Virginia never make in-game adjustments Saturday. At least none that worked.
Iowa State looked like it had attending game-planning meetings all week.
Everything the WVU offense tried to do, Iowa State had an answer.
Grier’s Heisman chase, if it didn’t end the week before against K-State with four turnovers, certainly came to an ‪end Saturday night‬ as well.
He threw for 100 yards. You’d come to expect him to do that in one quarter.
In his defense, he was harassed by the Cyclones defense all night. He was 11 of 15 passing with a touchdown and a interception.
Consider this. Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy, making his first big start, was 18 of 25 and threw for 254 yards with three touchdowns.
West Virginia had just 152 total yards on offense.
On the other hand there was West Virginia defense, which was even worse than the offense.
The Cyclones had 498 yards in total offense.
Not the way to win games and influence a playoff committee.
There is a bright spot. WVU did score a special teams touchdown.
There will be no national championship shot for West Virginia, not that there really was going to be one in the first place.
There won’t be a Heisman in Morgantown this season.
I’m not sure there was a shot at that either.
West Virginia can still have a special season.
Unless the Mountaineers start protecting their quarterback and play a little bit of defense though , the only way West Virginia gets to New York City (site of the Heisman Trophy presentation) is on a sightseeing tour.
Even the Pinstripe Bowl, like the bowl championship series itself, doesn’t take Big 12 members anymore.
Iowa State definitely got a big-time win, the Cyclones have beaten three AP top 10 teams in the last two seasons.Kind of seemed like old times in Morgantown.
Then again, the Cyclones PA audaciously blasted ‪Neil Diamond‬ after the game. It was really the only mistake the Cyclones made ‪Saturday night‬.
There is good news.
Huggs and the basketball team are waiting in the wings