By Dave Morrison

OAK HILL – A promise kept looks like it’s going to pay hefty dividends for Oak Hill’s football team this season.

If one game is any indication.

Senior Abraham Farrow had promised his good friend, Red Devils’ quarterback Khori Bass, that he would play football.

He had last played football at Collins Middle School. But he also had an affinity for soccer so he did that for the first two years of high school.

He was ready to make good on his promise last year but fate intervened.

“Khori Bass is a really close friend of mine and he was always asking me to play football,” Farrow said. “I also loved soccer so I played that for two years. Last year I broke my leg so I wasn’t able to play anything.”

The injury happened in an AAU basketball game on the Saturday before football started on Monday.

He is also a two-year starter on the Red Devils basketball team that went to the regional finals last season.

It was beginning to look like Farrow would not be able to keep his promise to his good friend.

But the first day of practice this season, Farrow showed up.

And the Red Devils are sure glad he did.

He had the debut of all debuts in Oak Hill’s season-opening win over Valley when he had three carries for 134 yards (44.7 yards per carry) and two touchdowns and caught five passes for 112 yards (22.4 yard per catch) and three touchdowns.

That’s five touchdowns on eight touches and 246 total yards (30.8 yards per touch).

“I am surprised by it all,” Farrow said. “I went out and used the speed and agility to do the best I could. Everybody played great. I think they were keying a lot on Khori (who had one of three 200 yard games against the Hounds to start the 2017 season) and I was able to benefit.”

A team in need of another playmaker, Farrow, 5-foot-8, 165 Lund’s, was just what the Red Devils needed.

His first touchdown was a 50-yard reverse run with less than a minute remaining in the first quarter that gave Oak Hill a 13-6 lead.

“It was the most awesome feeling in the world,” said Farrow, who hasn’t played football since middle school.

In the second quarter he caught touchdown passes of 1, 25 and 70 yards from Bass.

In the third quarter he had a 57-yard run for a touchdown midway through the third quarter,

His night was basically done at that point.

“I believe he found his best sport (Friday) night,” coach Jason Blankenship said. “I told him before the game he’s played soccer and basketball but there isn’t anything like Friday night football and then he goes out and plays like that.”

Farrow is a non-traditional soccer player making the switch from soccer to football and not playing kicker but more a skill position player.

“We already have a good kicker (Addison Wells) who played soccer but I did do a little bit of punting,” Farrow said.

Farrow is also essentially a hybrid player, not necessarily a running back or a receiver.

“I play slot back but we also have a package in where I one up at wingback,” Farrow said. “At first it was hard getting all the plays and terminology down after not playing for four years. But I caught on and I was ready to go by the scrimmages.”

He semi-announced his arrival with two TD receptions in the Red Devils first scrimmage. He missed the second with swelling from wisdom teeth removal.

A replay of his opener may be hard to duplicate when Oak Hill (1-0) travels to Liberty (0-1) Friday.

After all, the football double-triple of receiving and rushing yards doesn’t happen often. It didn’t happen in any other games in the area, and five touchdowns was only accomplished by one area player, and those were all receptions by Michael McGee of Richwood.

“We weren’t sure what he would do,” Blankenship said. “He scored a couple touchdowns in the first scrimmage but there were some backups in for the other team and the other scrimmage due to swelling from wisdom teeth surgery. So we were pretty surprised he played like a four-year starter.”

Farrow has been in standout player on the Oak Hill basketball team, playing in 45 career games averaging 7.8 points per game.

“The Farrow kid is just unbelievably fast and has great agility and awareness on the field and his surroundings,” Liberty coach Mark Workman said. “Hard to believe he hasn’t played football since eighth grade and he will have a big impact for them.”

If it does, Farrow’s promise to his friend Khori Bass will continue to pay dividends on the gridiron.