By Dave Morrison

I’m not an expert, but I enlisted a few, also known as coaches, to help put together a list of the top returning high school players in the Region 3 area this coming basketball season.

Feel free to disagree or agree. Either way it’s good discussion material.

Remember it’s high school player, not potential college player.

You could probably arrange the top 1-7 in any order and not be wrong.

Before football starts for real, here’s my Top 25.

  1. Andrew Work, Oak Hill
  2. Luke LeRose, Nicholas County
  3. Bryce Radford, Woodrow Wilson
  4. Jay Moore, Greater Beckley
  5. McQuade Canada, Wyoming East
  6. Tommy Williams, Shady Spring
  7. Braeden Crews, Bluefield
  8. Danny Bickey, Woodrow Wilson
  9. Steven Williams, Shady Spring
  10. Michael Beasley, Oak Hill
  11. Orlando Potter, Greater Beckley
  12. Cade Fix, Princeton
  13. Richard Law, Woodrow Wilson
  14. Darrick McDowell, Oak Hill
  15. R.J. Hood, Wyoming East
  16. Hunter Walters, Westside
  17. Jaheim House, Bluefield
  18. Noah Midkiff, Greenbrier West
  19. McKinley Mann, James Monroe
  20. Colin O’Dell, Greenbrier West
  21. Riley O’Dell, Greenbrier West
  22. Luke Vass, Fayetteville
  23. Jalen Hudson, Liberty
  24. Jared Gladwell, Meadow Bridge
  25. Ryan Riffe, Shady Spring